In the age of mass fashion, made-to-order finds new appeal!

Girotti launched the “Ultimate Customizable Bags” on Kickstarter

Have you ever wished to have a bag, designed by you? Well, with modern technology Girotti makes that desire possible.

Girotti is an Italian brand for custom-made products. For the last couple of years, the brand has established itself as one of the leaders in the custom-made fashion online industry, primarily being focused on footwear. Now, Girotti is extending its technology to make it possible for customers to design not only shoes but handbags as well. The brand’s mission is to revive the long-lasting tradition in handcraft manufacturing along with modern technology.

“We founded Girotti to be a force for good in the fashion industry—this is achieved by ensuring that there is a demand for a product before we manufacture it. In the age of mass fashion, made-to-order finds new appeal.

Girotti doesn’t operate like most fashion brands that mass produce. We manufacture only on-demand—thereby reducing the probability of the products ending in a landfill.”

A customizable or custom-made bag is a bag, designed and made according to one’s individual specifications. With Girotti you can choose a base model and customize it to your own taste. Then Girotti takes your design, and a master artisan handcrafts the bag for you.

Customizing Girotti bags is super easy thanks to the online 3D configurator. You can simply choose a bag’s panel and assign to it the desired color and material – yes, you can personalize every part of your bag. Custom-made allows you to express your creativity in a way that fast fashion can’t. A new level of individuality suited to your exact personal taste.

“I was super excited when I got the news about the custom bags. I’m a regular customer for years and I have so many pairs of Girotti shoes. I’m totally in love with my Tote bag – you can clearly see the refined details and the high-quality materials that are used. I really like the idea of having luxury pieces that catch eyes.“

Recently Girotti has launched a campaign on Kickstarter where anyone can support the cause to popularize the movement for a unique, handcrafted product by individual design and mass customization. Anyone who back the project would be among the first to experience the wonderful feeling of designing and owning a custom-made bag!

After the campaign ends, all pledged rewards will be produced and shipped in the month of September 2022.

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