Ben Lindbergh, Meg Rowley, and Joe Sheehan of the Joe Sheehan Baseball Newsletter discuss MLB’s approach to promoting sports betting and concerns about the integrity of games, then go over some of the most common misconceptions and flawed arguments about MLB labor relations, economics, and competitive balance (plus a postscript about listener nominations for potential MLB multisport players).

Audio intro:Buffalo Springfield, “Everybody’s Wrong”
Audio outro: The Resonars, “The World is Wrong”

Link to Joe’s newsletter
Link to piece about betting promotion
Link to episode with Bradford and Meredith
Link to Bradford’s baseballs report
Link to tennis match-fixing wiki
Link to Rob Mains on owner incentives
Link to Rob on market size
Link to Craig Goldstein on labor language
Link to Travis Sawchik on player pay
Link to 1998 study on ticket prices and payrolls
Link to 2003 study on ticket prices and payrolls
Link to 2006 column on ticket prices and payrolls
Link to 2019 study on contracts and payrolls
Link to thread on competitive balance
Link to Evan Drellich on MLB’s counterproposal
Link to Michael Baumann on Manfred
Link to Ben on Lords of the Realm
Link to story about the Mets’ “Five Aces”
Link to multisport players draft
Link to Josh Harrison pickle story

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